Santi Software Services: Offering Advanced IT Solutions to Streamline Design for Manufacturing workflow

CIO Vendor After the `Make in India' initiative of the Indian Government, more and more global giants are turning towards setting up their manufacturing bases in India. The initiative has raised the bar of competitiveness for the SME's and they have become the stakeholders in their own Product development journeys. Thus they are looking at manufacturing consultants to identify the key strength areas with in their organisation and optimise the work flow with ease for more outcomes. In addition, they are also on a look out for experienced organizations that can help them automate certain shop-floor processes to improve the overall business productivity & efficiency, and have better alignment with their OEMs for more business in-flow. Many SME's have already hired and partnered with consultants having good exposure of in-house processes. However they are not prudent on usage of technologies specifically in the era of Manufacturing 4.0. This is where SANTI SOFTWARE SERVICES comes into the picture. As an IT technology Consulting for discreate manufacturing organisation, help SME's to select, adopt and deploy the best in-class global leading technology. It takes care of the end-to-end product development process to help SME's select the right technology and deploy resource for their unique business needs.

`We position ourselves as an IT Technology solution consultant in the area of Design for Manufacturing. Our objective is to augment user productivity and help organisation enhance operational efficiency,' says Anujeet Bhattacharya, Founder & Director (Sales & Operations), SANTI SOFTWARE SERVICES LLP . SANTI SOFTWARE SERVICES work very closely with end users to identify the key challenges faced by the users. A few of its services include - software and license configuration, design automation tools to enhance
the productivity, design assessments & Gap analysis in "AS IS PROCESS" V/s "To Be Process", sharing best practices for the better utilization and adoption of software tools.

The company follows three major steps in offering its solution - Process Audit and Gap Analysis, Adoption Journey, and Sharing Best Practices. The company has a strategic alliance with, global market leader in PLM solution. In PLM, Product becomes the central repository of truth and all the stake holders get access and notification for any change. The PLM system captures the entire journey and it can be used for the future references, and also link to past events/results as well.

With its unmatched offering the company has witnessed 90 percent of its clients reordering from them and referring them to others

To improve Shop floor planning and OEE, company offer Cloud-based solution, which uses Theory of Constrain to build the algorithm for finite resource and capacity base planning and scheduling. Thus in case of any change in the schedule (due to any reason), the changes automatically get reflected in the system and help a scheduler to forecast the delivery schedule quickly.

With its unmatched offering the company has witnessed 90 percent of its clients are renewing their contracts with them and referring them to others. Currently, the company is planning is to drive and work closely with its clients on Simulation Driven Design, Connected Product and Connected Process. `It has been observed in last few months there is a growing demand from manufacturers to implement IT enabled solutions that optimize manufacturability and cost without imposing additional workload on the product team which is already stretched so thin. Our objective to enable our consulting around the following area - Innovation, Collaboration, and Acceleration,' he concludes.