Ranjhiya Digital: Offering Ground-breaking Marketing Technology & Digital Solution to Boost Businesses Outcomes

CIO Vendor Technology is playing a major role in the marketing industry where the entire marketing value chain of planning to execution is driven by automation. India is moving fast from a traditional supplier market to a more customer-focused market centering on sales and products. The technology-driven marketing strategy industry is estimated to reach around $50 million within the next couple of years. Marketing consultants are helping brands run a better customer experience digitally. By using data and analytics, smartphones, apps, AI and ML, Digital and social media, marketing agencies are helping businesses reach their targeted clients, understand them better and influence them. Ranjhiya Digital is one of the leading MarTech Consultancy firms in India that work closely with companies to guide them to sail through various challenges and automate the Marketing value chain digitally. "We offer businesses different ideas and strategies to increase operational productivity and therefore boost their profits," says Kaushik Bhattacharya, Co-Founder & CEO, Ranjhiya Digital.

Branding has shifted to digital whereas marketing has become more data-driven. Instead of addressing segments, Marketers are now running more personalized campaigns. Also, instead of using traditional channels, Omnichannel is used for 360 degree coverage of market, customers and different touch points. Ranjhiya Digital, a MarTech consultancy firm, has become a one-stop destination for strategy, branding and digital execution. Starting from creating brand strategy, creative and visual designs, formulating marketing strategies to finally executing them with MatTech implementations, the company goes extra miles to become real partner & help an organization to achieve its Digital objective in most logical and economical way.
"We give customers the liberty to imagine and that becomes our aim to translate that into a deliverable project through innovation. That is why our Tagline is – Imagination Delivered through Innovation," Kaushik adds.

Ranjhiya Digital follows a six step process that includes Discovery, Brainstorming, Creating, Designing, Presenting and finally Delivery. In the first step, the team understands the customer's brand, profile and segment. It also does situation and audience analysis to get audience insight for better positioning. In short, it uses a brand personality worksheet to develop the brand persona. Coming to the next step, it picks the brand's executional elements like logo, pattern, language, taste, color, font and many more.

Next, it creates a manual and brand style guides that comprises of the above-mentioned elements. Finally, a brand strategy is created that comprises of positioning, personality and execution and then it is delivered to the customer. This process helps to reflect the exact brand persona and lets the brand connect to its audience. The key strategy of Ranjhiya Digital is to reach the right audience & influence. It runs content search, audit to check SERP, search volumes, key phrases, and correcting heading formations to understand the audience thoroughly, when it comes to Content Strategy.

Ranjhiya Digital was founded with a vision to help midsize enterprises design their technology-aided marketing solution, a solution that can solve their challenges at a budget they can afford. Within just two years, the consultancy firm has gained customers from US, UK, Middle East, South East Asia and of course from different parts of India representing industries like IT, BFSI, retail, consumer durable, real estate and more. In the coming years, Ranjhiya Digital aims to become the top marketing automation company in India by collaborating with meaningful partners.

"We are eyeing at expanding the horizon in our offerings in coming days. We are investing more in new product development and developing newer solutions in the areas of AI, Analytics in Marketing for our customers," Kaushik concludes.