Electrono Solutions: Transforming the District Manufacturing Sector with Advanced Industry 4.0 Solutions

CIO Vendor Digitization has been one of the front runner initiatives across several organizations for different industries. The manufacturing industry has been no exception and it has joined the race to stay as digitally progressive as possible to enhance business operations and growth. The large manufacturing companies have already transformed their businesses with smart IoT driven technologies and the tier2 and tier 3 sectors have already started modifying their businesses powered by technology innovations. 'Digital transformation is an evolving concept and there are unprecedented advantages of embracing it for the manufacturing sector ranging from the direct financial growth to the indirect benefits such as convenience, comfort, and more predictable outcomes,' says Kalyan Ram. B, CEO, Electrono Solutions.

Electrono Solutions is a leading industry end-to-end Industry 4.0 solution provider powered by Artificial Intelligence and specializes in remote engineering in the district manufacturing sector. Its offerings include hardware equipment such as sensors, edge controllers, signal conditioners, network infrastructure, and others. Along with the hardware, helping the manufacturing industry thrive in the digitally innovative world it offers a comprehensive software framework that streamlines accurate data management collection, processing, and analyzing. The data is collected from various sources into one place to empower clients to boost connectivity, productivity, time management and thus outcomes. Electrono Solutions also offer a wide range of machines including floor machinery, complex CNC machines, robots, etc.

One of its platforms, E-FOR CAST helps clients digitally transform their businesses. Having the right tools to connect the appropriate systems seamlessly while ensuring appropriate data fidelity is what the company focuses on. ‘Right from the architecture levels to choosing the cables used for establishing the
network along with the devices we use for encoding are of topnotch quality. We ensure seamless business functions with the unmatched physical, data, and information layers we offer to our clients,' he adds.

The company defines the objectives, ensures that the transformation through the implementation of newage technologies happens in a phased manner, and makes the change translate into benefits that augment clients' businesses with ease. While several of its customers use different types of ERPs, SAP solutions, etc, Electrono Solutions offers connectors that help clients integrate their existing firmwide technology infrastructure with the product or solution offered by them. The company works with a highly skilled and experienced team in the arena, and to date has built a plethora of technology solutions around diverse infrastructure including German, Japanese, American architectures that are used in the district manufacturing sector.

Having the right tools to connect the appropriate systems seamlessly while ensuring appropriate data fidelity is what the company focuses on

With an indepth understanding of the district manufacturing sector, the company has gained a prominent name for itself in the market. With the evolving technology space, it upgrades its applications and solutions from time to time and ensures to test them for their effectiveness, every time for ease of clients using them. Established in 2011, the company, throughout the years of its presence, has interacted with its customers, under stood their needs, and catered to them with efficacy.

'We are currently striving to build cutting edge connectors that will help our hardware and solutions to integrate easily with a further range of existing infrastructure in clients' businesses. This way we will grow faster and will be able to reach out to more customers that we aim for,'he concludes.