Lemma Technologies: Breaking New Ground In Delivering Cloud-Based And Data-Driven Programmatic Advertising Solution For

CIO Vendor In a world dominated by digital advertising through mobiles and the web, Digital out of Home (DOOH) has changed the face of outdoor advertising, having created a bigger impact than static OOH. Hence, today advertisers are looking for a centralized DOOH Ad exchange platform, where the media partners and demand partners can access and manage their digital media in order to run data-driven campaigns. Also, since advertisers and brand owners are unable to make decisions on buying advertisement slots on digital outdoor media, they seek solution providers who can help them achieve this.

Catering to these needs, Lemma Technologies, headquartered in Pune has developed a Programmatic Advertising Solution that integrates the Digital out of Home Media(DOOH) with the Digital Advertising ecosystem that consists of web, mobile and social searches. Lemma Technologies aims to enable Digital Media owners to sell time slots on Digital Displays to buyers across the globeas well as assist them inmaking informed decisions on buying Advertisement slots on digital outdoor media worldwide.

“Lemma Technologies is the first in Asia to provide programmatic capabilities and solutions for Advertising on Digital out of Home,” says Gulab Patil, its founder and CEO.

This Programmatic Ad Exchange Solution is a complete automation platform for outdoor advertisement that enables programmatic capabilities. It is also a cloud-based solution, with complete integration facilities for digital outdoor media that allows digital publishers to connect their screens to the Lemma Programmatic platform. Lemma helps advertisers to run campaigns on connected screens along with the other Digital media programmatically and also facilitates Digital Outdoor Media to be traded as easily as advertisements on various digital media including web, mobile and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

“Lemma's Programmatic stack is a data-driven solution for DOOH that is accessible from varies locations across the world and runs campaigns based on different data-points like location, audience, weather”

Lemma’s Programmatic stack is a data-driven solution that is accessible from various locations across the world and can run campaigns based on different data-points like location, audience, weather etc. Lemma provides the selfserve advertising platform for its media partners, which can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This cloud-based model helps in connecting to any type of digital wall and has the capability to connect to all types of hardware or devices.

As technology partner, Lemma has solved the problem of standardization by implementing the technology stack which is completely based on the advertisement standards set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Lemma also performs audience analytics and segmentation with its proprietary technology and solutions in order to provide audience measurement and advertisement targeting capabilities that helps the advertisers to measure their Return on Investment(ROI). The company also offers a Programmatic Campaign Optimization solution that helps advertisers and brands to effectively optimize campaigns across mobile, digital, social and DOOH platforms. Presently, Lemma plans to expand its operations exponentially across the globe, paving the way for further solution-driven innovations and ideas.