VastraApp: Driven with the Vision of Digitizing the Textile Industry

CIO Vendor Manufacturing firms are at the heart of today's inter connected globe. Smart, linked products, digital supply networks, and analytics driven insights are all examples of how technology is changing the way businesses give value to their consumers. As manufacturers compete with new and nimble digitally native competitors, successful manufacturing necessitates a significant upgrading of skills and capabilities. As a result, these businesses must have a well defined strategic plan, a distinct customer experience, an innovative range of offerings, a lean supply chain, streamlined operations, world class people and a solid technological basis.

Significantly, one of the key players digitizing the Indian textile industry is Vastra. Vastra strives to help Apparel Manufacturers, Traders, Karigars, and Production, Sales, Dispatch Managers far easier by serving as their trusted digital assistant. The firm assists them in gaining more business by providing total visibility of each process, as well as auto pilot and multifold growth. Engineering, Sales, and Customer Success are represented by a skilled team of 45+ employees at the organization. The CXOs come from both the IT and textile industries, while the Advisors have a wide range of skills ranging from marketing to product development. "Even today, most Indian textile manufacturers keep track of manufacturing job status, sales orders, delivery challans, material wastage, material inventory, design inventory, and other information on paper. This is both inefficient and time consuming. Vastra App makes it easy for manufacturers to keep track of their records on their phones in the simplest way. It provides intelligent insights to help them expand their business and acts as an assistant, reminding them of important details," signifies Vikash Rajpurohit, Founder at Vastra.

The core strength of the firm lies in its problem solving approach and as well as its ability to create simple and robust customer centric products. When it comes to features, it provides customers with total visibility of production at any time and from any location. It is Karigar wise, Design wise, and Material wise design visible. There are other accounting systems with which it collaborates and integrates, but the solution it provides is unique in its own right. Vikash Rajpurohit adds "We hold the word Karigar in high regard I could use fancier words, but this is the word that most people appreciate and are familiar with. These individuals own the business and provide a competitive advantage by creating designs."

Vastra App makes it easy for manufacturers to keep track of their records on their phones in the simplest way

Since its inception in Jun '18, the firm has witnessed a strong growth trajectory. The firm has won 2 awards from CIIE (IIMA) and Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit 18. Having said that, that firm is among the Top 12 in LetsIgnite Bangalore event, 30 Startups to Watch by Inc42, and the Best Software by Software Suggest. Currently, the firm has 1500+ businesses using solutions majorly in 2 Textile Hubs namely Ahmedabad & Surat with reference presence in 15+ cities, and is further expanding its team in 12+ cities across India. Significantly, the firm started by solving challenges for manufacturers, but it is clear that it will not stop there the company is now focusing on the entire ecosystem, including agents, Karigard, suppliers, and retailers, and using work flow tools to tackle their problems.

Vikash Rajpurohi concludes "Textile Industry is India's 2nd largest employment generation industry, They are one of the most Lovely People you have ever worked with. If you are a believer in the Textile Industry, then join us on our journey to digitize it by joining our young and enthusiastic team. And since accounting is a solved problem and we are creating integrations with accounting solutions, I would like to ask all Accounting Solution Providers who serve the textile market to join hands with our Integrations and help us create something that textile people want.”