Vajra Global: Your Digital Marketing Guru!t

CIO Vendor Since the pandemic, SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses are under duress and Digital Marketing has become the best mutual friend among them and their customers. SaaS Marketing Agencies are developing and delivering world-class user experience for their clients for better reach and lead generation. Vajra Global Consulting Services, a Chennai-based SaaS Marketing Agency, gaining insights into the behavioral traits of the consumers in a better manner, is utilizing ever-changing Digital-Marketing Tools and crafting multi-channel Marketing Intelligence Solutions. Since its inception in 2016, CEO Ganapathy Sankarabaaham's brainchild Vajra Global specializes in a broad-based B2B Strategy that contains Design and Development, Content and Social Media Marketing, Data Analytics, and PR for T2D3 Growth. The company believes that Omni channel Customer Touchpoints and Smart Conversational Marketing are crucial in boosting the consumer experience.

Vajra's 360 Approach: Attract ­ Convert ­ Delight
Vajra Global's 360-degree marketing approach guarantees custom-tailored deliverables to accomplish the Attract-Convert-Delight model. The company endeavors to con-struct high-impact marketing funnels and fast converting organic/paid campaigns to help enterprises gain more visibility on the search engine as their clients' extended marketing team. Recently, Marketing Automation has evolved to reduce tedious manual tasks and concentrate directly on revenue growth and brand building. Vajra aids its clients in achieving their business goals with a Strategic Marketing approach, Insightful Actions, and AI-based Automation for impactful brand growth.

As effective marketing outcomes nurture delightful customer relationships in the long
term, Vajra Global accomplishes this by combining the power of technology and strategy to curate a befitting Marketing Plan that works for ambitious leaders and their businesses.

Vajra Global keeps an eye out for vital SaaS KPIs such as Annual Recurring Revenue, Total Contract Value, and Customer Retention Rate for providing high life-time value. As in the Founder, Mr. Sankarabaaham's words, "The key to SaaS growth is ensuring that the new and recurring revenue keeps growing and the fact that Team Vajra has grown by 120 percent in the past two years is an indicating factor of doing the right thing". Vajra Global partners with Google Partner, SEMrush, and HubSpot for delivering best-in-class SaaS solutions to its clients.

With its full focus on delivering Custom-tailored Solutions to Technology-powered Businesses, Vajra Global is the leading SaaS Marketing Agency in India

Technology and Innovation are the pillars of Vajra Global. The company constantly works on building effective tools to optimize tasks for higher efficiency and better productivity. Vajra's TADA is the perfect example of Human ­ AI synergy created by the combined efforts of technology and the content team. TADA saves writers' time by assisting them with creative writing and consistently delivering massive amounts of work with high quality on time, everytime.

Vajra's STAR, a smart project management tool that works in the background for tracking client mails, automatically assigning tasks to the marketer, letting reviewers know when the work is complete, and keeping a record of the files/output sent by the client. It saves the manual effort engaged in tracking the files and losing them.

Vajra Global is the true success story of SaaS Marketing.