Kaizenat Technologies:Rendering Reliable Simulation Solution that results in Unprecedented Design Success

CIO Vendor The engineering design software market is expected to grow rapidly due to the increasing adoption of new technologies across almost all industries. While developing a physical prototype, engineers and designers can use engineering design software to visualize, analyze, and convey design intent. It is used in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, architecture, and sustainability. This software is used to create everything from automobiles to prosthetics. The Engineering Design software market is undergoing a significant transition and today, every company seeks a compressive solution for validating their designs. It should consider incorporating seamless coupling of multiple physics. In a nutshell, a 'Digital Twin.'

Significantly, Kaizenat Technologies Private Limited is a pioneer in simulation, with its team's competence in numerous Multiphysics simulations dating back to the year 2000. Kaizenat is India’s leading provider of crash and safety simulation software. Kaizenat's unique combination of technical and commercial development skills distinguishes it as much more than a distributor. It is a paradigm shift from the conventional business model in the industry. Ansys Mechanical Ansys Fluids, Ansys Electronics, and Ansys LS-DYNA are among the simulation solutions offered by the company. These simulation solutions help the customers to design the'first time right product'. Major Auto OEMs, Suppliers, Aerospace OEMs,Gas Turbine Manufacturers, Railways, Electronics Consumer goods and Semi conductors are among its prestigious clients.

Kaizenat is present across various cities in the country. The sales consultants are
highly trained in analyzing customer needs and making appropriate recommendations, as well as providing cost effective solutions that can result in significant cost savings. The Technical Team continues to teach and expand customers' research and development into a simulation powerhouse using industry standard SOPs. Kaizenat brings in Subject matter experts from various engineering domains and project delivery experience of serving reputed Indian OEMs & leading CAE software/ service providers. The company is dedicated to providing the world's mostreliable multi physics simulation tools and making them available to the whole engineering community. Its goal is to encourage technology and innovation among its prestigious clientele in order to boost their profitability and dependability. Ramesh Venkatesan, CEO at Kaizenat adds “We are driven by the vision of becoming the world's most customer centric technology firm, with the mission of leveraging the finest technology of the moment to enable our clients to produce the most optimal product and process possible.”

Kaizenat's unique combination of technical and commercial development skills distinguishes it as much more than a distributor

Since its inception in 2012, Kaizenat has grown multifold and created a name for itself in the market. The firm started with a humble beginning as an LSDYNA Technical support partner and has now grown to a complete solution partner support including all the physics like mechanical, electronics & electrical, and many more. “Next 10 years is considered as an ‘electronic era’ where more and more Autonomous systems emerge. Also, data & AI are becoming part of any engineering design and product service & replacement. We are positioning ourselves to cater to the needs of this industry,” concludes Ramesh Venkatesan.