DINTW: Deploying ROI-driven MarTech Solutions

CIO Vendor As the digital landscape continues to transform the marketing landscape, brands need to change their business targets and strategies accordingly. From being just visible on social media to using digital technologies to create the business, brands need to understand the changing needs and prepare strategies that encompass the same. Clients today are looking for a one-stop solution and the marketing & technology consultant industry will have to evolve to meet their expectations. This approach has its financial benefits compared to building out and training an in-house team.

Digital Marketing consulting agencies have been taking over roles of marketing managers offering a range of services including UI-UX design, new platform development, running marketing operations, and a host of Digital Marketing services like SEO, SEM, and social media management.

DINTW (Did I Not Think That Works), a Noidabased enterprise providing 360-degree MarTech and Digital Transformation solutions to corporate entities, helps brands to proliferate in the competitive market pace. As a young Digital Marketing consultancy working with both Enterprise and Direct to Consumer Businesses, the company not only delivers ‘freshest’ and awe-inspiring marketing solutions but also renders a powerful business advantage to clients over their competitors.

With its performance-driven automation services, DINTW has helped clients achieve measurable results that include Marketing Lead Digital Transformation, Evaluating and deploying the best MarTech solutions, Marketing Automation solutions across B2B and B2C Businesses, ROI-driven Digital Marketing Solutions leading to a 10x increase in website traffic and 10-15x increase in the company’s top line. The range of MarTech offerings of DINTW includes consumer neuromarketing research & services, marketing automation consulting, web & mobile UI-UX design & development, and business & digital analytics.

Generating Trusted Customer Engagement & Brand Experiences
The company’s personalized marketing automation solutions across the customer journey generate authentic, trusted customer engagement and brand experiences. By identifying and focusing on the most valuable leads DINTW helps clients maximize the ROI of their marketing.

“We are experts in using customer data analytics, AI marketing, experience design, and experience platforms to reach the customer engagement goals that drive growth. What differentiates us from other players in this landscape is that we are a consumer neuromarketing company and we work on the paradigm of consumer neuroscience where we study consumer behaviour and propose technology and marketing solutions,” says Ram Jalan, Founder, DINTW. “We are not a service shop but a solution-oriented company and our 3M approach of Measure, Mentor and Monitor cements our partnership with our clients”, Ram adds.

Streamlining Digital Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Automation services are an integral approach that effortlessly integrates marketing campaigns, and sales funnel on a single platform to drive the number of qualified leads and expand geographies, and scale ROI. DINTW’s marketing automation streamlines the whole process by integrating marketing outreach programs with tracking capabilities that assign a score to leads to determine the progress of prospects in the sales funnel. Based
on the data, businesses can then send incredible content to their prospects and encourage them to reach the final point which is a purchase. Scoring is based on several factors, for instance; lead attributes, email response, number of visits, and action performed by a lead on the web page. The company’s email automation is a simple example of how technology can streamline Digital Marketing campaigns.

“As marketing consultants who can respond to any scenario with tested strategies and tactics, we are dedicated to growing businesses, advancing careers, and multiplying revenue exponentially”, affirms Ram.

Exploring Diverse Aspects of the Digital Marketing World
DINTW features an award-winning team of Internet marketers. The industrious team explores diverse aspects of the Digital Marketing world making every challenge worthwhile. This combined experience continuously adds value to the MarTech layer.

DINTW’s marketing automation services allow corporates to visualize the buyer’s journey and see more clearly their strengths and weaknesses in every step ahead. Targeted content is of supreme significance when it comes to the lead nurturing process. Also, it allows brands to integrate social media into the process and schedule content ahead of time.

Blending Technology With Human Creativity to Deliver Quantifiable Results in Marketing
“While AI and advancing technologies give us a deeper view of human personas, we always need creative and content to make the conversation relatable to that audience we now understand better,” says Rachna Jalan, Co-Founder, DINTW. “DINTW works at the cusp of making technology advocacy more personalized and relatable to your target audience through the right creative and content, and we aim to continue doing that”, Rachna adds.

As marketing consultants who can respond to any scenario with tested strategies and tactics, we are dedicated to growing businesses, advancing careers, and multiplying revenue exponentially

The Journey Ahead
DINTW is constantly building its strength in setting a future-proof marketing strategy and is passionate about preparation for the future. The company’s automation is directed to achieve more sales and create and streamline multi-channel marketing campaigns. As a young online marketing company with fresh ideas, and strong technology capabilities, DINTW is focusing on Voice SEO, Intelligent Chatbots, and One-Click Shoppable Ads. The company will be launching its own MarTech stack to empower a matured brand soon.

Apart from India, DINTW has partnered with brands in Singapore, the Middle East, the US, and Canada and is now planning to partner with brands in Europe as well.