Celerity India Marketing Services: Turning Around the Outcome of Marketing

CIO Vendor Over the past decade, the proliferation of media communication channels has revolutionised consumer attitudes towards marketing, branding, and promotional strategies. Staying relevant to consumers' preferences in the modern day is driven by-product values and the expansive presence on social media platforms in building consumer engagement. India is one of the most rapidly evolving markets around the globe, with a majority of young, dynamic and enthusiastic customers responding to innovative promotional strategies and uniqueness of a product over its brand credential. Hence, media marketing agencies need to be responsive and quickly adaptable to the evolving consumer preferences and focus on consolidating a brand position instead of driving it solely on market performance and consumer responses.

Celerity India Marketing Services has emerged as a turnkey media marketing agency, emphasising gaining consumer insights to define it through its innovative standards and deliver an acceptable promotion-al strategy for the client. Charulata-Bansal, the Director of Celerity, says, "We do a deep dive for the brand, understand their ecosystem and the brand's place in it and then propose a strategy as well as tactical marketing. This deep dive is significant. Many start-ups are in a hurry to start performance marketing and do not want to create a brand positioning. This strategy is doomed to fail miserably. We, on the other hand, try to convince the client to give us time for positioning their brand and create a communication strategy around that positioning".

Living up to Expectations
Service providers in this sector lack a clear detailing of a strategy concerning time frame
objectives. Charulata adds, "We have positioned ourselves as a niche marketing services agency with a strong background in strategy and creativity. Most clients are in a hurry to show results, whether it is a number of followers on social media, leads coming in, or the talk happening around the brand. We, at Celerity, stick to strategy while taking ad-vantage of tactical opportunities."

Celerity prioritizes excelling consumer expectations and has kept it-self small and niche. It operates with a limited client intake at a period. Celerity is an integrated service provider of all the services necessary for a brand to achieve its marketing objectives, including website & app development and UI/UX interfacing. It is not into ATL Media Planning & Buying. The width and depth of experience in Celerity's core leadership and its ability to meet a diverse range of media marketing needs of the clients has contributed to its consumer-centric development and staunch brand credibility in its short span from inception.

Celerity is an integrated service provider of all the services necessary for a brand to achieve its marketing objectives, including website & app development and UI/UX interfacing

Enhancing Brand Visibility among the Community
Charulata says, "In today's times, borders don't matter. Sitting in India, we have generated leads from the US market and service clients quite effectively irrespective of their head office locations. We have had success in creating visibility and generating leads for our clients in the digital space. We have helped start-ups get the right start in their communication efforts." She has a 360-marketing experience that includes brands in B2C like FMCG enterprises and B2B brands that are in the supply chain and even international publishing space. Charulata concludes, "We have been able to create our brand in the trade publishing space catering to supply chain and logistics vertical. We have also created a successful webinar format and will be rolling it out for our clients too".