Aspire CAD CAM Solutions: CAD CAM CAE and Industry 4.0 Solutions

CIO Vendor The global engineering services outsourcing market size was valued at USD 1.06 trillion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.9% from 2021 to 2028. India's engineering design and development industry is growing rapidly as the country makes deeper inroads into the global engineering space. The advent of advanced IT systems has completely changed the task of engineering design into modules that can be outsourced by a firm while it concentrates on its core activities.

However, there are few problems that clients face while sourcing engineering designs from an expert. With rapid changes in technology, not everyone in this service industry is able to keep up with it. Often clients have to go for outdated technology as these services are core to their business operations. There is a need for players that have the expertise and experience and are well aware of the technology trends in the market. Moreover, it is only an expert that would be able to understand the exact requirements of a client and act accordingly.

Aspire CAD CAM Solutions based in Delhi is one of the few companies in this domain which has stayed abreast of emerging trends and technologies to update itself. Jagat Rawat, Director, Aspire CAD CAM Solutions states, "We are value-added reseller of Concepts NREC, ESPRIT and CIMCO; it means in our business, value takes priority over profit. We need solution architects to identify the challenges the companies we serve are facing and help pinpoint the augmentations and additions necessary to meet client expectations."

Operational Excellence
In last four years the company has been able to make significant progress in order to position itself in high value cutting edge CAD, CAM, CAE and Industry
4.0 solutions providing company in India and Middle East. OEMs use our software for their Entire Design Processes from Preliminary sizing, through fluid dynamics, Mechanical stress, Vibration analysis, and Machining toolpaths. Our application engineers are able to help many customer not only in design but also helped them to cut prototype parts much quickly and start production because they come with lots of industrial experience. During part manufacturing we help customer to optimize the process and tools to reduce cycle time and costly mistakes. We are able to simulate whole process so that our client can understand it and take rational decision. In Industry 4.0 division we are helping companies to adopting and implementing a smart factory solution. With rapid technology changes and trends have made the shift toward a more flexible, adaptive production system almost an imperative for manufacturers who wish to either remain competitive or disrupt their competition.

We have more than 27 years of industry experience and most of engineers come from premier engineering universities

Jagat mentions, "We have more than 27 years of industry experience and most of engineers come from premier engineering universities. We have very effective in-house training program for young engineers. We provide cost effective and better Design, Manufacturing, Smart Factory solutions to our customers with tailor-made training program and unparalleled customer support."

Future Endeavours
In four years, we have seen the phenomenal growth despite the COVID-19 situation and it has been able to gain good market share in Middle East as well. The company is continuously enhancing infrastructure to handle such future demands and challenges in Aerospace, Aviation, Transportation and Energy sector. Jagat concludes, "We are helping our customer to improve their competitive edge and we hold great pride in continuously supporting and meeting our customers' demands by providing intelligent and competitive solutions".