Hansa Cequity: Builds Intuitive and Real-Time Customer Relationships

CIO Vendor The marketing world is increasingly evolving to remain competitive with the technology revolution. Consumers are regularly linked, each generation adopting emerging technology and engaging with brands through a wide variety of platforms and networks. Hansa Cequity is one such leading datadriven, MarTech, and technology enabled marketing consulting company. The company uses data for an informed strategy and helps companies optimally obtain, interact, manage, and retain their customers by creating an intelligent, responsive, and real-time customer experience.

Today, with more than 1000 marketing consultants and consumer associates, Hansa Cequity is one of the largest and fastest-growing organizations in the field of datadriven marketing. The company has developed deep expertise in the latest and emerging analytics offerings such as big data analytics, and ML & AI-driven algorithms. Hansa Cequity offers a unique approach to merging marketing and consumer strategy consulting with analytics and MarTech applications to create a differentiated customer experience for brands and consumers. "Hansa Cequity's vision is based on the idea that while Technology & Analytics is important, what we do with it really generates value for our customers." says Neeraj Pratap Sangani, COO, Hansa Cequity.

Offers Real-Time Marketing Strategies
Hansa Cequity has established its proprietary analytical models & solution stacks on top of marketing technology frameworks that help create insights into the jiffy & real-time marketing strategies. Developing hyper-personalized data-driven insights & automated initiatives using customer travel mapping techniques is the deep expertise that Hansa Cequity has evolved over the years for its clients. Some of the in-house technology &
analytical solutions stacks like Cequity Snapshot, Cequity ACE insights, Cequity ACE Loyalty, Connected Marketing Platform (CMP) are evidence of this.

The company is developing a range of proprietary solutions to meet various sectors and consumers in India. An Integrated Approach to Marketing is the need of the hour. Many major brands understand and accept this need. Hansa Cequity is ideally placed on the Indian market to help consumers and brands develop an automated, resultbased marketing strategy leveraging MarTech to its full potential.

The only major challenge facing clients was to keep them in contact with the consumer, and to keep them engaging with their brands, to sustain and improve these relationships throughout COVID 19. The company's marketing consultants worked closely with clients to build insights into their consumers' behaviour and ensure that there was a 'frictionless interaction' across digital platforms, which was a significant transformation that took place during this period.

Hansa Cequity continues to do a lot of proprietary analysis to bring intelligence to every business solution. During Covid-19, the company carried out an in-depth 'Inside the Consumer Mind' - research focused on shifting behavior habits and their consequences for brands and businesses. It exposed some startling facts about how Indians reacted to the pandemic and explains explicitly some of the steps that brands should take to remain relevant.

"Increasingly the biggest differentiator for products and services is Customer Experience." says Neeraj Pratap Sangani, COO, Hansa Cequity. The consumer has become more and more demanding, and the market even more competitive. Hansa Cequity believes that the roadmap for Marketing in India is to become increasingly data & technology-oriented. The fusion of Data Science with Behavioural Science and ROI based approach to MarTech solutions will drive growth and differentiation. The ability to bring creativity, design and process thinking is critical. This is what Hansa Cequity works on – right solutions, right skilling, and right delivery methodologies.