Biz|AneKdotes: A New Age B2B Marketing Firm

CIO Vendor Businesses by the millions are realising the need to transform themselves specially in B2B Space and evaluating solutions which addresses their current challenges and helping them to penetrate the market even further.

One of the very few quintessential B2B marketing firms in India, Biz|AneKdotesworking in this area and trying to transformB2B Marketing from conventional to more scientific led approach , offering advanced marketing solutions by implementing Automation, Big Data and encoding AI to bring the desired ROI to B2B businesses.

Their solutions are designed to bridge the marketing and sales gap to drive business growth. With an extensive team of in-house data & marketing product specialists who are dedicated to providing unique insights into the challenges facing by B2B businesses and build a right solution to deliver real ROI for organization.

The expertise of the firm is divided into 4 pillarseach pillar dedicated to solving a marketing pain point or addressing a need. One pillar is gripped to offer complete B2B marketing outsourcing and consultancy to startups and SMBs. Another team is sworn in to cater to the digital products and solutions demands, especially designed to address the unique problems of the B2B segments.

BizAneKdote also has a team designing and implementing community marketing strategies across different Verticals and segment for few Global Organisations, wherein currently one of the clients has managed to engage with approximately 1 million SMBs across 37 cities. And fourth pillar
is Content automation & development which is considered to be backbone of any B2B Marketing Engagement.

Working in the corporate side for 18 years for several premier organizations like Microsoft , HP , Cola Cola.. the Founder & Chief Mentor of BizAneKdotes, Arindam Dey realized the gap in the B2B marketing segment. He says, “B2B marketersact as an extended sales arm of the business. So they should think like a Sales person and take a platform or program led approach where one can create an unified customer journey. This segment is more diverse in nature therefor it is very important to understand you audience first , their buying behaviour , pain points etc to make any solutions relevant for your prospective clients”.

BizAneKdotesalong with their Digital Partner Dotconverse tirelessly working to bring transformation in B2B Digital Marketing space where Content , Automation & Big Data work jointly to make any B2B Marketing platform more result oriented and drive predicative analytics to make the life of B2B Marketers more easy.
Not only Enterprise Organisations but Start Ups and SMBs are also now using their solutions to meet the goals for their organisations.

Leadership’s Rich Background making offerings more realistic and challenge driven
BizAneKdotes is driven by a team of professionals hailing from B2B industry. Every individual’s understanding of the B2B segments has helped BizAneKdotes to devise unique products. “Our experience in managing different B2B Programs for different sectors help us understand how to engage the customers, how to nurture them, and eventually, how to impact the revenue”, adds Arindam.

In the years to come, BizAneKdotes is eyeing to strengthen their presence in APJ countries and further brings more exclusive solutions to its marketing outsourcing services to the SMBs, allowing them to leverage on the benefits of digital marketing.