The Online Marketing Tree

Nawar Al Kilany, Founder & CEO, Omevo

When we first considered creating Omevo, we aimed at establishing a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and complete e-marketing solution for our users. We encountered a perfect illustration of The Internet Marketing Tree, created by Mainline Media and we commend them for producing such an intricate and picture-perfect Internet marketing model. Our goal has always been to develop this website into a one-stop-shop that can empower users to fulfill all their online marketing needs with a simple click. This article will guide you through this model, starting from the roots, then to the trunk and finally, the branches.


The roots of this Online marketing tools are based on the RESEARCH you put into your website, the STRATEGY formulated by your research, the BRANDING that you have set to fulfill your strategy and the CONTENT that will convey your branding to your target audience. The stronger the roots of the tree, the bigger and healthier the tree will be.


The tree trunk represents the actual website, which is made up of the DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT. Based on the roots (research, strategy, branding, and content) of your website, you will have a vision and direction of how to design and develop it. The design should cover elements of usability, credibility and flexibility. The development should contain rich media, be scalable, follow web standards, and have validation.


Once your roots are well established and your trunk adheres to them by containing the appropriate structure and design, you should develop your branches in order to absorb as much light from the sun as possible and stand taller than all the other trees (competitors). On the World Wide Web, the more relevant traffic your website receives, the more successful your business will be. This is how you reach out to your target audience and reel them in. The branches incorporate the following practices:

·         Online Advertising

·         Public Relations

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Email Marketing

·         Directories and Listings

·         Search Engine Marketing

The online world is constantly growing in terms of population, infrastructure, service providers and business opportunities. If you intend on competing in this world, then you need to be on top of your game. You need to invest in your online presence and in your online reach. We would recommend that you follow this model as best as you can. Of course, Omevo would be privileged to help you with your online marketing needs. If you happen to choose another e-marketing service provider, then we wish you all the best and know that our door is always open.